Our Philosophy

One of the biggest objections business owners have working with agencies is...

"How do I know that this investment is right for my business?!"

Let us show you why it is, and the business growth you could be missing out on without a tried and tested marketing system in place.  

This is why average businesses FAIL

  • There is no market need for product or service
  • They experience cash flow problems 
  •  They don't have the right team
  • They get outcompeted

How you can stay ahead of the competition

This doesn’t have to happen to your business. At Progress Marketer, we take your marketing to the next level - so that way your competitors can’t even come close. 

‘Two heads are better than one’, as the saying goes...your business can plug into Progress Marketer’s marketing team and have all the resources you need to make sure that you have strategic advantage over your niche. 

You’ll have access to case studies, guides and precedents to ensure you set a foundation for success right from the start.

Get years of data and insights gathered from tens of thousands spent on ads, tried and tested real world strategies that guarantee results and allow businesses to scale aggressively. 

An Investment, not a cost

Progress Marketer is a performance marketing agency, keyword being performance. We understand that in order for a business to truly flourish, you have to have income coming in. 

We pride ourselves on being an investment rather than a cost for our clients. We focus on generating traffic, leads and sales over everything else so are clients are profitable month over month. 

Not only are we return on ad spend focused, we ensure that your marketing machine doesn’t have any gaps. You’ll be surprised just how many businesses leave money on the table by not having their marketing system setup correctly. We plug the holes. 

A new age of paid advertising

At Progress Marketer, we look at the entire sales process, and take people that have no idea what your business is - to raving fans and paying customers. Ensuring that we have product market fit before scaling your ads. 

We pride ourselves on being a new-age marketing agency. Most legacy agencies are slow, lethargic, unorganised & do not specialise in a core marketing service. 

They’re trying to be good at everything, and as a result become a master of none. 

Most agencies will take weeks on-boarding you and getting started - and charge you for it! Our on-boarding takes under 2 hours, and there’s zero to pay for - so you can get your ads live as quickly as possible without waiting around. 

It's time to grow & scale your business

We like to get things done quickly AND with quality. We know that it can be a big decision for a business owner to take on an agency. We know a lot of you have had horrible experiences and we get that. But with that being said, we also know that you’ve never worked with an agency like ours.

We’ve generated multiple six figures for our clients within the info-product and e-commerce industry, working with over 25 different brands since 2017 - so you’re in capable hands. 

So, if you’re ready to take your business growth to the next level - book in a discovery call with us and see why we’re like no agency you’ve experienced before.  See you on the inside. 

Take the first step, learn how we generate more Traffic, Leads & Sales for our clients with Paid Traffic & Sales Funnels and hear what they have to say by watching the Free Case Study.