Grow & Scale Your Business Online

We Help Info-Product & E-commerce Businesses get more Traffic, Leads & Sales through Paid Traffic and Sales Funnels

How we grow your business

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Pinterest Ads

A business without traffic is a business that isn't reaching enough people. We help develop your content & paid media campaigns to connect you to the right audience of buyers.

Lead Generation

Turning your website visitors into qualified leads is the magic behind long term growth in your business. We make sure your funnels generate the most leads for the best price.

Conversion Optimisation

Without sales, there's no business. We build high-converting sales & webinar funnels to grow & scale your business to achieve the highest possible return on ad spend from your campaigns. 

We turn marketing into Profit

We focus on long term growth whilst still achieving fast results. 

We help businesses maximise the revenue potential of their existing audience & website traffic whilst simultaneously generating new customers with precision targeting. Most agencies focus on just getting the first sale, we do too, but we know the real value is in lifetime value of a customer and that's how you truly scale. We do this with advanced paid traffic campaigns that we run to conversion optimised sales and marketing funnels.

Everything your business needs to grow and scale online. 

Our Process


Step 1 - Roadmap to success

Step 1 is our strategy kick-off session. We do this first and foremost with you to make sure that goals are aligned and so you are clear on exactly how we set out to achieve them. Here we will dive deep into your existing business, your customers, your product, your funnels and everything in-between to create a roadmap to success.  


Step 2 - Ignition Start

Step 2 we launch the first test campaigns to gather data and insights. Everything we do at Progress Marketer is revenue focused, so we want to make sure campaigns are able to scale at the best cost. As campaigns begin to gain traction, we continue testing and tweaking until we reach our desired KPIs. 


Step 3 - Optimisation & Scaling

This is where the fun begins. Once we identify campaigns that are performing well, we can start to tweak elements of your funnel to maximise revenue and therefore make your ads more profitable. From here, we can scale campaigns. 

What some of our clients are saying

"Progress Marketer have helped us achieve over 7x ROAS across our Facebook & Instagram campaigns. They have been crucial to our growth as a market leader in our industry. We love working with Anthony and his team, we highly recommend them to anyone else."

Loreta Jasilionyte

Flawless Lashes

"Before working with Anthony we were having trouble to scale our advertising campaigns. His experience and ongoing support helped us to 8x our advertising ROAS. A true professional in an industry where other marketers often produce a lot of noise without delivering results."

Leo Kipfelsberger


"We've been working with Progress Marketer for over 2 and half years. Everything we do with Facebook & Instagram is thought through in incredible detail and we've had our biggest course launches to date. Anthony and his team are so good at understanding our business and how we can continue to grow to multiple six-figures. Can't recommend them enough!" 

Sarah Akwisombe


"Anthony is much more than a marketing expert. From the start, he was driven to understand the core purpose of our company, helping us achieve our goals in the smartest and most creative way together. We think of him as an extended member of our team as well as an internet marketer."

Kevin Fortune

Systems + Smiles

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